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Throw the Jonah’s Out of Your Boat

I recently heard a sermon entitled “Getting the Jonahs Out of Your Boat”. The point being that you have to get rid of the people and things in your life that would cause you not to be in right relationship with Christ. This sermon prompted me to evaluate myself and identify the “Jonahs” in my life. I began to think about my friends and relationships. I asked myself about each one. Are they helping me to listen to my Father and obey Him? Are they praying for me, encouraging me and holding up my hands when I can’t do it for myself? Or are they causing me to think about going in the opposite direction from where I know in my heart God wants me to go? Are they always negative, complaining and dissatisfied? I also began to think about the places I go, the things I enjoy doing. Are they edifying to my Lord? What about my attitude, actions and reactions to things? Is God glorified in all that I do? I decided I had some Jonahs I probably needed to get rid of. I won’t bore you with all of them, but the one that hit me the hardest is my time. I’m too busy. Sometimes too busy to talk to a friend who needs me. Too busy to stop and read God’s word. Too busy to sit quietly and allow God to speak to my spirit. Too busy to visit sick and lonely relatives. I’m just TOO BUSY!! I’ve identified my Jonah. I’m not sure how I’ll get him overboard, but the beautiful thing is that I know that God has a way and He and I together can do anything. So…who or what are your Jonah’s? and are you willing to toss him/her or it overboard in order to have the kind of relationship with God that He longs to have with you.