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Expressing Thanks!

There are so many things for which we are thankful, good health, an amazing family, the best friends, more blessings than we could ever begin to tell. But what really comes to the forefront in my mind is the word OPPORTUNITY. At one point in our ministry it seemed that the well of opportunities was running dry. Doors were being closed rather than opened and after 30+ years, that was disheartening to say the very least. When we began to seek God’s face for answers, what we found was that He was patiently, lovingly,waiting on us. He wanted to know that we were really ready for what He was about to do.

So today, we are so thankful not only for opportunities to sing, but opportunities to say an encouraging word to a weary Pastor, to hug a child whose daddy is in prison and just needs to hear that God, his Heavenly Father loves him, opportunities to pray with many to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. The opportunity to pray over a young couple who so desperately wants a child, to be able to tell them that God knows the desires of their hearts and He will make a way for them. Opportunities to see my children put down their instrument and microphone to go pray with another young person in the altar. Everyday God so graciously gives us another opportunity to make a difference and grow His kingdom and for that we are most thankful.