Crimson Stain


Justin Peters & Daron Glenn/Justin Peters Music/Platinum Planet Music

Verse 1:

You changed the color of my world.

You took the unlovely and made it a pearl.

And I’m so grateful.


Crimson Stain from the Lamb of God slain,

Fall on my heart and cover my pain.

Crimson stain heal all that’s inside,

The heartache and pride, everything that lives in vain.

From the Son of God you came bringing power in the name,

The name above all names.

From the innocent slain. Oh Holy (Precious) (Life Giving) Crimson Stain.

Verse 2:

You painted over every sin.

You brushed forgiveness where darkness had been.

And I’m so thankful!



Oh the glory of the cross…

Oh the wonder of God’s love…



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