God Is Good


Melody Goodman/Melody Goodman Music

Verse 1:

God is good! (God is good!) God is great! (God is great!)

He showers me with blessings and He pours His love out on me each day.

God is faithful! (God is faithful!) God is true! (God is true!)

I never could repay Him but I’m gonna do the best I can do.


You know He makes me want to live right, talk right,

stay on the straight and narrow and walk right.

Just to know that I’ll be going where the milk and honeys flowing

and there never comes a night.

It’s good to know that I’m prayed up, and on my way up,

To heaven where my treasures are laid up,

If you don’t know Him you should….God is Good!

Verse 2:

Boundless mercy, (boundless mercy) Matchless grace, (matchless grace)

This sinner man was pardoned when the Holy Lamb of God took my place.

Undeserving, (undeserving) Yet He came, (yet He came)

He sought me and He found me, He saved me then He gave me His name.


God is good, God is great!

Always on time, Never been late.

Knows what I need before I can ask

Who wouldn’t want to serve a God like that?


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