He’s A Personal Savior

He’s A Personal Savior

Lee Roy Abernathy

Abernathy Publishing / BMI


You’ve heard about a place called Heaven up in the blue

I’m glad that all my sins forgiven I’m telling you

I’d like to see you get this feeling you can receive

God’s ready now to give you this feeling if you believe


Don’t ever try to quench the Spirit when God’s around.

Some people seem to get so near it then turn Him down.

Judgment you’re gonna see the Savior that you’ve passed by.

Think how you’re gonna feel that morning when others cry.


He’s a personal Savior, He’s mine I know I love Him so.

He did my soul a personal favor that’s why I tell it out wherever I may go.

When I am blue and feeling oh so low down.

He’ll take me through old Satan can’t get me down.

And from the path I’ll never more waver.

For He’s a friend, He’s a personal friend.