I’ve Seen Him Do That Before


Melody Goodman/Melody Goodman Music

Verse 1:

An anxious crowd gathered for this was the day,

They’d heard that the lealer would soon pass their way.

The helpless, the hopeless, the sick and the lame,

All hoping to touch Him, they cried out His name.

Then a woman spoke up and she said wait and see,

He’s everything that you’ve heard He would be.

As her eyes filled with tears, she said, “After twelve years,

I’m happy, I’m whole and I’m free. She said,


I’ve seen Him do that before.

He’s always making a way when it seems there’s no door.

His wonderful ways never cease to amaze me,

‘Cause I’ve seen Him do that before.

Verse 2:

If you’re heavy ladened with heartache and pain,

Well I have a Father who knows you by name.

And this trial’s no different from all of the rest,

So don’t be afraid, put my God to the test.

If life’s circumstances are dragging you down,

No don’t be discouraged, I’ve tried Him and found,

He knows what to do and He always comes through,

He’ll fix this for you wait and see.


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