Just Wait


Rebecca Peck/Thomas Peck Music

Verse 1:

I know down deep inside you have nothing left.

You’ve cried so much every single tear is spent.

I can see you have that look you think you know your fate,

But before you throw it all away….Just wait.


Though you may not know the future, what God has in store.

He’ll satisfy the longing that there must be something more.

It’s ok to feel the way you do, He knows about your pain.

Even though you feel like giving up, have faith, just wait.

Verse 2:

It’s so hard to believe it, but I’m living proof.

I’ve been right where you’re at with nothing more to lose.

You could have so much tomorrow, if you’ll hold on today.

Let time become your trusted friend, just wait.


Take joy in the stillness, give hope a chance to grow.

Find peace in the promise that He is in control!


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