Prayer of A Soldier’s Child


Sharona Stone Carter/Praise Street Music

Verse 1:

While walking down the hall of our little school today,

Praying hands along the wall compelled me to stay.

I stopped for just a moment, to see what was inside

And when I had finished, I sat right down and cried.


Dear Jesus, thank you for dying for my sin.

Will you keep my daddy safe when he fights could you help him win.

I know you are able Lord to count each grain of sand,

So if you take my daddy home, I’ll try to understand.

Verse 2:

You see these were prayers from children that I knew.

Simple words straight from the heart so tender and so true.

No wonder God calls each of us to have a child-like faith.

Talk to Him, He’s your dearest friend, don’t put it off, don’t wait.


When you are facing, your life’s longest mile, always remember…

The prayer of a Soldier’s Child!


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