Wanna Be


Melody Goodman/Melody Goodman Music

Verse 1:

We all have our heroes; yes we all seem to need.

Someone we look up to or wish that we could be.

Oh you may wish you could be rich

And the whole world knew your name.

So you start each day to climb the ladder

Of success in vain.

I admit I’m no exception; there is one that I believe

Is the ultimate example of what I ought to be.

And it’s my desire for the holy fire to work a work in me

Consume my imperfections Lord, and all that’s left of me.


Wanna be, gonna be like Jesus some day.

Want the world to see when they look at me

Reflections of His grace.

Wanna walk like Him, wanna talk like Him

Oh but there’s a price to pay,

If I wanna be like Him some day.

Verse 2:

I read His love letters, every evening when I pray.

I come to know Him better, every passing day.

When I miss the mark, He pricks my heart

And keeps my soul in line.

Striving to be more like Him,

And by God’s grace in time.


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